Butchers Studio started in 2014 as a small start-up branding & design studio for local restaurants, bistros, and cafes in its home court, Bacolod City. 

And as part of growing, we realized that to help our new partners better. We need to realign the goals of our small studio so that we meet our vision to recreate and create functional and visually appealing brands and designs that we make with our clients-- together!

With this, we have decided to rebrand Butchers Studio completely.

We are now called to-combine!

To combine local creative talent to create work that matters
And to connect you, the customer's, vision, and our creative direction--
-- this is what we aspire to do. This is who we are.

Thank you to all our partners, friends and everyone who has supported the studio since its humble beginnings. May you continue to support us in this new stage in our growth into the industry.

And to the future that awaits us, we are looking forward to serving you with a newfound energy and our creative juices are flowing better than ever!

What am I to say to that

Come and take a look: